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Full Automotive Repair

Our full automotive repair services include engines, transmissions, CV joints and axles, differentials, timing and exhaust systems. 

A/C System Repairs

Driving in the summer heat and humidity without a proper working A/C  system has to be one of the least pleasant things you can do in your vehicle. At Edgetech Automotive, our team of experienced auto air conditioning service and repair technicians will check the performance of your A/C system and ensure that you are driving cool and comfortable during the summer months.


Don't know what the issue is?  We can help.  Edgetech has diagnostic equipment on site to identify service and repair needs.

Routine Maintenance 

We perform routine maintenance on all makes and models.  Custom and factory maintenance packages per manufacturer warranty.

Brake Inspection and Repair

Brake inspection and replacement of brake pads, callipers and rotors as required.


Winter tire installation, tire rotation, balancing and mounting.

Manufacturer Parts

We partner with local distributors to source manufacturer and after market parts for all makes and models.

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